SEN2 is a Puerto Rican, New York City transplant whose art career spans 3 decades. His exceptionally prolific graffiti style has transformed concrete landscapes into what city dwellers call urban poetry.

With no formal visual art training but a natural gift and curiosity for artistic disciplines, SEN2 studied the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. It was the underground street art scene in the 70s being led by Donald ‘DONDI’ White and Richard ‘SEEN’ Mirando that fueled SEN2’s creative disruption.

In a quest to broaden the conception of a pop art ideal, SEN2 is a lifestyle brand born in authenticity, defined by graffiti, rooted in geometric shapes, and technologically advanced through 3D elements. From urban legends to music, to comics to motion pictures, vintage fashion, SEN2 translates culturally relevant themes into one-of-a-kind statement art.

In 2000, SEN2 opened his studio in the Bronx. His lifestyle brand focuses on canvas, prints, murals, luxury buildings, limited-edition merchandise and brand collaborations.

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