Commitment, passion and love to elicit “simple beauty” is the paradigm of Parish’s intuitive philosophy of three decades of photography.

Consistently original, diverse, inventive and timeless are the hallmarks of his photography. His use of colors, whether vibrant or pastel, as well as the representation of multitudes of tonalities in his stunning black & white images have become his distinctive and unique signature and style. Having an insatiable desire to explore and expand his artistic horizons, he still remains true to his approach to simplicity and to the visual dialogue that is intuitive and innate.

Parish is a self taught photographer, despite holding a degree in film. While creating his own art, he has created photography for hundreds of successful advertising campaigns for major clients both domestic and internationally. His large collection of Fine Art imagery celebrates the beauty of the human figure, flowers, painterly portraits and landscapes.

His work has been repeatedly featured in many major and prestigious publications worldwide, such as “Graphis Annuals”, “ Communication Arts”, “Graphis Nudes”, “Digital Photo Pro” to name a few. He has photographed portraits of celebrities such as Donald and Ivanka Trump, Kenny Rogers, Dylan McDermott, Robert Redford and many other luminaries.

He is honored to be a member of Canon’s prestigious “Explorers of Light” since l994. This group is comprised of 50 of the world’s premier photographers. He is also a member of Canon’s “Print Master” Program, as well as a member of APPLE’S Advisory Board for Aperture Software. APPLE has featured Parish’s work on their website, showcasing his illustrious career, which is also confirmation of his sustained creativity.

In his upcoming book, “Luminosa”, Parish has been collaborating with Cirque du Soleil performers (for two years) celebrating the beauty and astonishing capabilities of the human form. Parish lives, breathes and devours photography to pursue his dreams. He finds perfectionism is a transcending asset, enabling one to fly higher than ever. 


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